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Addiction Recovery in Kennewick, Washington

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Addiction recovery is attainable with personalized counseling from our professionals. First Step Community Counseling Services understands that addiction is not an individual problem, but an unhealthy coping skill for life stressors.

Treatment Protocols Include:

• MRT® (Moral Reconation Therapy)
• Matrix Model Curriculum for all Intensive
  Outpatient Programs

First Step Uses the Stages of Change 

• Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques
• Solution-Focused/Strength-Based Techniques
• Motivational Interviewing Techniques



Happy Family, Addiction Recovery in Kennewick, WA
Treatment Services Offered:
• Assessments - ADATSA
• Relapse Prevention

• DUI Victims Panel- (4th Saturday of every month)
• On-Site Drug Screening
• Youth Outpatient

• Outpatient/IO
• Parenting Seminar (Beginning April 2013)
• Alcohol and Drug Information School -ADIS (3rd Saturday of every month)*Youth Intensive Outpatient

*Appointments must be scheduled in person (509) 735-6900  *Please bring financial, insurance and any Court Documents to schedule an appt.